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Not another online business guru....

12 years ago me and some mates set up a little business from my Brother’s garage. We started with 2 slow laptops, 2 mobile phones and some fingerless gloves so we could type, makes calls and stay warm at the same time. Today, our company does £100m a year in annual sales.

Unlike so many of these gurus, Ive actually built something. 

I also feel a total obligation to you and the rest of the UK to transfer the knowledge of how this was done for the benefit of individuals and communities around the country. 

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Level Out, Level Up Programme
Entrepreneurial Skills School

In 2023 Simon is running 2 entrepreneurial and mindset skills schools, one in the summer, one in the towards the end of the year, these are FREE and aimed at providing the knowledge and tools to succeed in business and in life to those in the UK that require them the most.

Are you UK based, 16-24, have access to the internet and either:

  • Not in education, training or employment OR
  • A young offender OR
  • Former young offender OR

If the answer to any of the above is yes, you qualify for Simon’s Level Out, Level Up Programme.

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