Beyond the Board: Building a Winning Company Culture, Jenga-Style – #0027

With Christmas come and gone, if your house is anything like ours at the festive break it will involve 2 things as a constant year on year; over eating…and board games. The overeating I can get on side with, but board games aren’t my thing. I don’t see them as fun, and its probably because I spend the 364 days of the rest of the year playing a well known board game of my own, metaphorically of course. And that game is Jenga. The game of building company culture is very much like a game of Jenga, let me explain.
I know many readers of this newsletter are solopreneurs, but please, read on…you can build a culture within yourself as well as a company of 100 or more.

Culture Stack

Like Jenga, the culture stack can takes years to build but if the wrong block is removed, it can take only a few hours to destroy. Each block is a tool, a policy, a process, rewards, trust with the team, a way of doing things. Each block is very important, but it’s not one specific block that makes the tower stand tall, but the blend and the make up of the blocks that produces the successful result.
Aside from the blocks themselves and the way they are laid, the most important 3rd ingredient are the people laying them. To build an amazing culture within even a very small business, the intentions of everyone have to be aligned. If you have a player simply chucking the blocks on top of each other, they threaten the very tower itself for all of the other team members. A strong, cohesive company culture soon weeds out the players that aren’t building the tower in the same way as everyone else.

Where to Start

My advice for anyone looking to build from nothing, or indeed instil a stronger company culture to an existing business this year is to start with a strong, exciting vision for the future of the business. From this, all of the other blocks can start to build towards this outcome.
It’s time to build, but remember, poorly laid blocks, will always tumble.

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