Bin The To-Do List & Do THIS Instead – #0029

Avoid where possible from working from To Do List, here’s why

Research shows that 41% of To Do list items and never completed. Even after a really productive 8-10 hour day, not completing the list results in anxiety and stress being taken, unnecessarily into the evening at home.


Priorities “All Wrong”

To do list are usually written in the morning of the day the tasks are set to be completed. This means, us, as humans will often put the “easiest” task first as its the very next task you will work on straight after you have populated your list…and well, you know, its early, so start with something easy. The easiest task isn’t the most important.


Time Over Task…Every Time

With a to-do list the unit of focus is the task, it comes with no thought for the time it will take. Life happens in minutes and hours, and not in units of “stuff” we have to do. No wonder 41% of tasks NEVER get competed.


The Answer?

Schedule. Schedule some more, and then keep scheduling. By populating an online calendar with your tasks, and not the back of an old letter from HR with your To Dos. You can not only assign the task you need to complete, but time block the length of time you think it might take.

You are able to manage your energy and not just your time. I am at my best 9:30-12. So big decisions, key meetings, the big needle movers for me, go into this slot. Learning, reading and training which can take less energy (for me), goes into later time slots.

Calendars are populated over a period of a year or more in advance. To Do lists are there and then only minutes before the tasks start. Scheduling is well thought out and pre-planned organisation. To Do lists are reactionary chaos in comparison.


Claim Your Time:

The biggest win for me since switching from rushed to-do lists to scheduling? I have more “me” time. I am the Dad of two young boys, so I populate my family time into my calendar first. I also populate my gym sessions, my lunches, my afternoon walking meeting slots. I, do me, first. Around my priorities then fits everyone and everything else. I colour code family time and leisure time, I colour code meetings and sessions for different work. I like to see a “colourful” week in my calendar, the more colours, the more areas of my life and goals I am moving forward by dedicating pre-planned time to it.


Fill up your calendar with your priorities before people fill up your calendar with things that are a priority for them!


Key Takeaway:

Don’t forget there is no such thing as time management, only self-management. Time will pass with, or without your “expert management” of it. You can’t manage time, you can only manage yourself. When it comes to task management, moving from a to-do list to a schedule, will lead to less stress, more focus, more direction and more impact. Managing the tasks within a time block calendar IS the way top CEOs and Founders around the world operate.


Lets win, together!



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