Escape the 96%: Transform Your Business into a £1m Powerhouse – #0032

From the 5.5m private businesses in the UK, only 4% will ever hit the £1m mark. So, that tells me, 96% of business that don’t hit this milestone fall into 2 camps. Those that are happy to stay smaller (and that’s cool), and then those that strive to get to 7 figures and for whatever […]

Bin The To-Do List & Do THIS Instead – #0029

Avoid where possible from working from To Do List, here’s why Research shows that 41% of To Do list items and never completed. Even after a really productive 8-10 hour day, not completing the list results in anxiety and stress being taken, unnecessarily into the evening at home.   Priorities “All Wrong” To do list […]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Who’s the Biggest Clown of Them All? – #0028

I once had 2 friends that were in business together. Both had very similar educational background, and almost identical upbringing. Both fun to be around, both outgoing, their business was doing OK, but could have been going better. I won’t name the industry or my friends, but keen for change, one of the partners (let’s […]

Your Best Ever Year? Ask Yourself THIS One Big Question – #0023

It’s goal setting season. I have a big email planned for you all next week with my exact goal setting process, one that I have been following (and tweaking) for over 20 years now. I hope you find it useful. It’s been my personal framework for how I have lived my life and ensure I […]

Racing Towards Success: The Andretti Mindset – #0021

As entrepreneurs and business operators, we all have days, weeks and even whole years when we feel totally out of control. Starting and scaling a business can mean the operation itself sometimes feels messy, untidy and chaotic. Like a rocket leaving the earth’s atmosphere everything is shaking, noisy and seemingly at breaking point as you […]

My 6 Vital Systemisation Steps – The Process of Processing! – #0020

Let’s face it, even the most forward thinking, aggressive start ups always have a clown or two in the corner proclaiming “but, we’ve always done it that way”.  Even though there’s often big push back, I am a fan of processing and systematising as many parts of your business as early as possible. This week […]

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