Despite Their Best Efforts – We Are On The Same Team! – #0012

Over the past few weeks, I have uploaded a couple of videos sharing facts about my life over the past decade, from where I started to where I am now. After being viewed almost 1 million times I have noticed a common trend in the comments section, where a few individuals have made remarks like “nice humble brag mate” or “What a stupid online flex.”

Unbelievable, But True

I get it, you think Im bragging, but Im not. Here’s why….
I want to shed light on an important statistic. The richest 1% of the planet control a staggering 54% of the world’s wealth. This may sound unbelievable, but it is true. What’s even more astonishing is that these wealthy families and networks aim to maintain this disproportionate distribution of wealth. In other words, they do not want ordinary folk getting our hands on any of the cash if they can possible help it. As they have for generations they keep it, grow it and pass it down through their dynasty.
So, how do they manage to safeguard their extreme wealth and continue to accumulate even more? Stopping short of leaning on the law makers to make it straight up illegal for people like me and you to become independently successful (although they regularly try), it’s far easier for them to shape they way we view “success” as a society.

So, How Do They Do This?

Well, these individuals possess significant ownership stakes in media outlets and have substantial influence over online platforms. They have the ability to dictate which films are made and wield various other techniques to establish a narrative where working class and middle class people are encouraged to criticise one another for achieving any level of success. Essentially, they manipulate us into policing each other.
They make sure “normal” people think that becoming successful is reversed for the already rich. We might catch people saying things like “how the other half live”. The establishment might bring in a lottery or two for us to play to really keep our dream of a better life alive.

“Flashy, Boastful, Braggy,”

This strategy has been in play for more than 2 generations. Here in the UK especially, it’s has been remarkably successful. From “their” perspective, it is truly a brilliant tactic, from “ours” its been extremely dangerous and damaging. By causing us to label one another as “flashy, boastful and braggy,” they effectively keep us confined, small and quietly paying taxes so they don’t have to. I police you, you police me.
I refuse to be kept in my box, and I refuse to keep any one else in theirs. I’m not bragging, I’m showing you what’s possible.

Level Playing Field

That is precisely why I am here. Sharing everything I have learned over the past 13 years of growing a business. Starting from nothing to the 9 figure organisation we have today. Why do I do this? We all deserve access to the same tools and knowledge required to succeed, regardless of our original financial status. This shouldn’t be reserved for the super rich, it’s about levelling the playing field for everyone.
So, let’s celebrate each other’s achievements and lift one another up because despite their efforts, we are all on the same team.

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