Embrace The Chaos: Why You Shouldn’t Wish Away Those Early Years – #0019

If you’ve been on my email list a while, you will know that we first started our business in a small converted garage. We had only 2 slow laptops, our personal mobile phones, two temporary fold out tables and we had to wear fingerless gloves to stay warm but be able to type and make calls. Our suppliers at the time gave us the run around, we made the fatal mistake of not writing a business plan.

I drove around in a £200 car for many years and our weekly “treat” was some £6 chicken from the Harvester which we often had to pay for with change we found lying around during the week. At the time we thought it was a nightmare. Now? I look back on these years as the best times we had. It was us, against the world, gloves off with everyone expecting us to fail, and I loved it. Today the business is a £100m operation.

The Early Years

From the responses I get on social media to the replies I get on this email list weekly, it’s clear so many of you are either about to start your journey into entrepreneurialism, or are within the first 24 months of building your businesses. So many comments and questions about starting and the early phase of scaling. These interactions with you all fill me with excitement for what’s coming for you. But, a word of warning, as stressful and as full on as you might be finding things now, try and enjoy where you’re currently at.


Depending on your goals and how big you want to take your entrepreneurial journey, one day you may have HR departments, marketing, corporate policies for literally everything, procedures for this, processes for that, all vitally important things, and I find enjoyment in every aspect for the business, but from a “fun” point of view, the early years are by far the best.

You, like me, will spend (or have spent) your early years looking to bigger players in your market, dreaming one day about how to get to their size, take them on and emulate their success.

Into The Eyes of Giants

But, please stop and appreciate the carnage you might find yourself in. You will look back with fond memories one day.

So, my lesson this week really comes down this. As you gaze at those far bigger in your market with potentially envious eyes, just know that on occasion they are gazing back at you with the same.

Let’s win together!

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