From Humble Beginnings… #0001


Every long journey starts with a single step, this site has to start somewhere, so, welcome. Quick introduction…along with some of the very best friends and entrepreneurs I know, I co-founded a small business 2011. We started initially in a garage with a couple of slow laptops on some temporary fold out tables. We wore fingerless gloves to stay warm but be able to type and make calls.
Fast forward 12 years, we have turned our business into a £100m company that is one of the “Top 10 UK Medium Businesses to Work For” (Sunday Times) and the “The UK’s Platinum Employer of the Year” (Investor’s in People) and based in this building, right here.
I feel a compelling obligation to pass on as many lessons and learnings from the past decade or so to as many people as possible. I’ve sat back and watched online “business experts” and “entrepreneurship coaches” sell these ridiculous online courses, preying on well intended people. Most of these people have never run an actual business, their content is from text books and regurgitated Instagram captions.
Enough is enough.

How to access my stuff

You can access much of the information I have to share for free through my social channels (instagram / tiktok), this blog and my email list, as well as my upcoming Podcast. Applied properly with the right intention you can grow a business from nothing into something that positively impacts your employees and the community in which you are based…and in turn your life and that of your family.
For those that are really serious, I offer more bespoke mentorship. I don’t offer this to just anyone however, there is a qualification question you can find here.

Level Out, Level Up

I am also extremely passionate about instilling much of what I have learned in people that haven’t had the best start in life, people where the odds were already stacked high early on. If you are 16-24 you may qualify for a free place on my Level Out, Level Up Programme.

I want the quality of entrepreneurship to raise in this country, like the crooks making money selling shoddy courses, there’s also people running businesses that should have been shut down many years ago. It’s only their ego keeping them open. Join my community initially by signing up to my email list, together we can raise standards that benefit the communities we all operate in, and take the rewards a successful business always offers the founder(s).

“Let’s win, together”



I often write posts and emails like these free hand and don’t have time to check it. Please forgive the grammar and spelling. Like the world cup final being watched on a fuzzy TV in a crowded bar, the delivery might not be perfect, but it’s content (if you are looking to start or scale a business) you are here for.

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