Hard Work Still Not Paying Off? You May Have Missed THIS Ingredient – #0025

This year has been tough hasn’t it. I don’t care who you are, I think we can all agree with that statement. I’m hearing lots of people both in person and online saying they have never worked harder and yet never had less to show for it.

It’s easy to complain and to feel frustrated. It’s easy to blame Rishi, the economy, the people you work with or the market in which you operate. But, whenever you feel this way, ask yourself this.

“Have I taken enough calculated risk this year?”

Now, listen I’m not talking about gambling. I go to the races every year with the team and I often don’t place a single bet. I don’t gamble, but what I am comfortable with more than most is a decent level of calculated risk. When judging my own level of current risk I am exposed to, I always remember this quote;

“Fortune favours the brave”

The quote isn’t fortune favour those that simply work harder than everyone else. You need to the hard work, but you need it married to a certain level of calculated risk. You aren’t just rewarded for the work you’ve done but the risk you took.

If you work hard with no risk, then you’re the person who leaves the warehouse job after 40 years of back breaking work with a only small pension and some supermarket bought cake in the staff room on your last day.

If you take on all the risk and don’t work hard, then you’re the person that sits in the bookmakers into your 70’s, no money to pay the heating, and only a pile of losing betting slips to show for it.

To win big, you need the hard work delivered into a framework of calculated risk, over a period of extended time. It’s really only a very select group of people that are prepared to do both, for a long period. That’s why in the end you can enjoy the rewards that only a very select group of people ever end up with. Ever heard of the 1%? I rest my case.

Hard Work + Calculated Risk + Time = Success.

Don’t forget, the final hurdle to all this is then having to listen to those that claimed they have worked harder than you call you “lucky”. It’s never luck, it come down to remembering that simply working hard in this day and age won’t get you very far.

Something to think about for 2024?

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