How To Create Company Values – Free Team Exercise Contained Within! – #0022

Important Exercise Contained Within!

If you’ve followed me on socials for a while, you will have heard me bang on about the importance of core values for a business of ANY size. The reason I know these set of guiding principals are so important is because (and hands up time here), we were 4 or 5 years into our journey before we created ours. So, Ive known life in the business I Co-founded before the core values were present, and after. I’ll be honest, when you are struggling to grow and build a small business, worrying about where the next invoice is coming from, and why your biggest client never pays you on time, taking a day or so out to decide on the core values of the enterprise, in the moment, just doesn’t ever seem important enough.

The Earlier, The Better

Let me tell you, it might seem like a fluffy exercise, or something to just print on your mouse mats, but it really isn’t. Done properly, it can help you recruit people with similar values, provide insight to your customer base as to how you operate and allow you something to fall back on when you are at a crossroads with a big entrepreneurial decision. The earlier you can introduce them (even if it’s just you for now) the better.

But How Do You Create Them?

Now we have way over 100 people, each team has created their own mini values that guide them, and it’s the method each of our teams used to identify what was important to them from a value system, that I share with you today.

Each member of the team (no matter how small) receives 12 large blank post it notes. On the 1st post it note, you write the name of anyone you admire. They could be someone you know, someone who’s famous, they could be dead or alive. On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th post it note, you write down the 3 personal qualities that the person in question has that makes you admire them. One quality on each post it note.



The Rock – Dedicated, Fun, Hardworking.

You then do the same for 2 other people. Once you have your 3 names and 9 qualities (3 per person) you go up in front of the team and put the names on the board and explain each person and each quality. Once everyone in the room has done this, you should have a wall or a white board full of values and personal qualities.

The next task is to group the values as they have been written. Some people will have used different terms for the same thing. Someone may have written “grit” and another “determined” whilst a 3rd may have written “resilience”, so group together all of the synonyms that mean the same type of value.

Once this is done, it should be clear what the top 3, 4 or 5 values are to everyone in the room, personal qualities that are possessed by the individuals that are most admired by the people you employ / work with.

There you have your company values.

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