How To Scale To 7 Figures & Beyond: My Biggest Tip! – #0014

I’ve been featured in an article and invited onto a podcast in the last 2 weeks, and the same question came up in both. “How do you scale to £1m?”. This seems like a really popular question at the moment. I assume this is a big milestone for some, or creates a clickbait headline for others to pedal to their audience. My answer to this question could take a month….or maybe for today, I will opt for the 500 word (much shorter) version.

My biggest (and quickest win) I can give you on how to do this isn’t a practical one, it’s a mindset one.

And it’s this….To ensure you scale your new start up to 7 figures, don’t set a goal of £1m, set the goal at £5m.

Let me explain…

Some of us human beings have a way of justifying smaller actions by getting roughly 70% of the way to our desired outcome and rewarding ourselves with a big fat “that’ll do”…we’re all guilty of this sometimes, me included. Everyone around you is impressed with the growth, things have gotten way more comfortable at revenues of £700k than they were at the start, then all of a sudden the holidays start to multiply and the leased range rovers appear on the drive.

Early comfort is the biggest dream killer of them all.

The thing with setting goals is, 80% of them should be achievable, but 20% (I believe) should be way beyond where you think you and your business are capable of going. Shoot for the stars and all that….

If you aim for 5 or even 10 times further than your desired outcome, you will start to make vastly different decisions, both conscious and subconscious. You’ll find yourself having to have bigger conversations with more people in order to reach your inflated goals.

70% of a huge goal, is far better than even 100% of a safer bet.

The Influence of Thoughts

Your actions are the direct result of your thoughts. If you think small, you’ll act small. Your thoughts dictate your actions and your actions dictate your outcome. Bigger thoughts, bigger outcome.

Expand Your Horizons with Reading

I know from some of the replies I get to my blog and email list that many of you will have already read this book….but if you haven’t I would really recommend grabbing a copy ASAP. “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz. This book delves into the power of thinking bigger and how it directly impacts your success. There’s a science behind it. Big up Dave for producing this masterpiece almost 65 years ago!

I will dive in the practicalities of how to scale soon, but having been on this journey for 13 years, and having scaled to 9 figures now, I can tell you your path to £1 million – and beyond – starts with the decision to aim far higher.

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