“I Don’t Know Where to Start” #0006

You want to do something big, change your life, start a business, BUT….one of the main comments I get is “I don’t know where to start”. The truth is, that’s ok. Because you don’t start at the beginning, you start with the end.

Clear Vision

The most successful people I know, all have one thing in common. They have the “end” in mind before they take the first step. Truly successful people reverse engineer (work back from) a clear vision of what they want their business and their life to look like. Too many people walk down a talk tunnel with a small torch hoping to find answers on the way. You want to engineer your journey so there is a huge flood light at the end lighting up your path as you take the first step.
I love an analogy, don’t worry, there are many more to come…

2 Types of People

There are two types of people in life. Those that create a vision and work their plan backwards, and those that don’t.
I call these people…
  1. Rubber Ring People.

These people get up in the morning, jump in a metaphorical rubber ring and hurl themselves down a rapid. They don’t know exactly where the day, week, month or often their entire lives will take them, what’s round the next bend, or whether they will even get through the water unscathed. They hope for the best, they play the lottery religiously. They use language like, “I wish”, “wouldn’t it be nice” and “one day”. They let external factors guide their entire journey, their entire destiny. They look at successful people and they use terms like “lucky”, “must be easy for you” and “how the other half live”. These people, by and large, wind me up. I struggle to stay friends with rubbering people over the long term. It’s the constant excuses I can’t handle.
…then you have
  1. Sat Nav People.

When these people wake up, they have already have their journey planned, they know exactly where they are going and how (by and large) they will get there. They get into a metaphorical car every morning, type in their destination to a sat nav and set off, prepared. The journey they are taking is one step towards a life times ambition, a pre-set destination that they spent many days, weeks or longer to get clarify.
Yes, there will be traffic jams, yes your car will break down, but, through planning and hard work and lots of visits to the petrol station, you will arrive, one day at your destination. These people plan, they don’t wish. They dream only to create goals, and most importantly, they take action, daily towards their objectives.

2 Hours, No Distractions

So…advice time…when you are stuck and you don’t know where to start, start with this. 2 hours. 2 hours sat down, crystal clear, no phone, no distractions. I like plane journeys, and train journeys, phone off. Pen and a paper, old school. List everything you want for your business, everything you want for your life. Start with 10 years time, let your mind wander. Then, write a 2nd list, everything you want in 5 years. Then working back further, 3 years. Now, getting clearer, what do you want in 1 year, what’s achievable if you went all in?
Don’t worry, the end will change, the end with evolve and the end wont ever really be the end, because when you arrive there, you will want to achieve something bigger, something more incredible. You just blow up your vision and re-clarify where it is you want to take your business, your life and the people in it.

Clear Plan

If you’ve given it time, a full 2 hours of focus (which is where people come unstuck in 2023), you will now start to have developed a clear plan. A plan that’s starting to look reverse engineered.
Ive been using this method for so long, I have an E-book in the works on how to create a crystal clear vision. There is a skill to it, a science to it. I plan to share it with you guys first before anyone else, so watch this space.

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