It’s Amazing What You Can Achieve When You Have No Choice: Use My “NFC Method” To Succeed – #0034

When we started we had no choice but to succeed. That was the story to myself, and I was sticking to it.

After a few years of launching our business, people would ask “how have you guys grown so quickly?” My answer was never fully truthful. I couldn’t say “well it helps to wake up every day with a huge plate of fear for breakfast”. When it comes to motivation, the human mind is amazing. Amazing, but also very frustrating.

Stick Not the Carrot

I wish I was always motivated by the carrot, the prize, the feeling of accomplishment. But I’m not. Never have been. For me, it’s the stick every time. It was the same in growing up. I chose all the subjects that had exams at Uni, avoiding the months and months to do coursework, in favour of a “no choice” 3 hour deadline in an exam.


I am a master at creating a no choice situation. Or as I have coined it an “NFC”. The N stands No, the C stands for choice, I’ll leave you decide what the F stands for. The bank wanted 70k each from us to personally guarantee the loan we needed to scale the business. We didn’t own much, the biggest asset we had other than 2 very cheap cars were our houses. So we had effectively put our homes against the bank loan to scale to business. That’s a pretty big “NFC”.

New Podcast

I am about to get back into the world of podcasting after a 2 year break. How can I guarantee I follow through on the minimum 300 episodes I am promising you all? I’m building a bespoke audio visual studio at the a cost of many thousands. That’s my NFC right there.

Creating Your NFC

Now, before you go off and gamble your home on a new business idea, please know I am built in a very unique way. I am NOT advocating you do that. NFCs can be created around social pressure. How about telling everyone you know about your big goal. The social pressure to succeed for some is the NFC they need. I heard the other day of someone booking a non-refundable weekend away that they wouldn’t go on should they have not completed what needed to be done.

So…when doing something big, aiming high, starting or scaling a business. What NFC can you create for yourself?

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