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Level Out, Level Up Programme
Entrepreneurial Skills School

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Level Out, Level Up Programme
Entrepreneurial Skills School

In 2023 Simon is running 2 entrepreneurial and mindset skills schools, one in the summer, one in the towards the end of the year, these are FREE and aimed at providing the knowledge and tools to succeed in business and in life to those in the UK that require them the most.

Are you UK based, 16-24, have access to the internet and either:

  • Not in education, training or employment OR
  • A young offender OR
  • Former young offender

If the answer to any of the above is yes, you qualify for Simon’s Level Out, Level Up Programme.

Why This Matters To Me

This is a tough time for many people in the UK. Outside the major hubs, London, Manchester, Birmingham, most of our communities are in desperate need of help. I truly believe that entrepreneurship is our best hope, and most likely route out of this total mess.

I am tired of many people thinking that entrepreneurship is reserved for the very well educated, socially connected or the “already rich”. I am proof that this is rubbish. 

I am also really tired of online business coaches and gurus that haven’t built a single business in their life profiting from well-intended people looking to better their life or their business, selling them bullshit courses they regurgitated from a text book.

Enough is enough.

Why This Should Matter To Everyone

Level Out, Level Up Programme

Entrepreneurial Skills School

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