“Mate, Why Don’t You Fly Private Jet #0003

2 Videos, The Most Common Comment..

In the last 6 or so weeks Ive uploaded two videos to social media where the story and the lesson involved me being on a plane.  Across both Instagram and Tiktok these videos have been seen by almost 700k people, but there was one comment (or should I say criticism) that kept popping up in the comments.
“If you’re so successful, why you flying commercial”
This comment occurred so many times, I thought I had to respond…and not because I felt the need to defend myself, but because there’s a hugely valuable lesson here.


You see we started our company 12 years ago in a garage with 2 laptops, we didn’t get paid for first 14 months. What this struggle and humble start helps to really breed, is two things. An appreciation of the value of money. And a fear of ever returning to that situation. So spending £25k on a 2.5 hour flight when I can get there in roughly the same time for £100 is (and call me old fashioned), a waste of money.

Funding Further Growth

£25k is a starting salary of someone locally we could employ. Someone, who could work hard and (as has happened many, many times within our business) end up changing their life, and that of their family, whilst in turn helping our business grow further. When you start to think of things in that way, stamping on the opportunity of a life time for others in order to get to Portugal 45 minutes quicker is, quite frankly, wrong.
The fact so many people asked me this is really quite worrying. It also tells me that their only “window to success” up to now has been from Instagram captions. I have news for you, not everyone you see on a private jet on Instagram is successful, you see that Lambo parked next to the jet on the runway? Yeah, they don’t own that either. You need to ask yourself why these people are so desperate to be “seen” as being a success. Is it because they are trying to sell you their latest Amazon FBA course, or Crypto strategy?
Most successful people I know, me included are pretty modest. It’s how they have grown wealth consistently over a number of years and decades. I wear £8 H&M tops and take my financial responsibility of reinvestment very seriously. Then there’s the carbon footprint which is a whole other post…

2 Types of People Fly Private

There’s 2 types of people that fly on a private, billionaires who typically own the plane, who’s time is so valuable it makes sense to spend that money even to save 90 mins in travelling time, fair enough. And then there’s people who have had a tiny bit of success and fly private when they cant afford it, simply for likes, comments and shares, and guess what…I’m neither one of those.
You see my response here

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