Racing Towards Success: The Andretti Mindset – #0021

As entrepreneurs and business operators, we all have days, weeks and even whole years when we feel totally out of control. Starting and scaling a business can mean the operation itself sometimes feels messy, untidy and chaotic.

Like a rocket leaving the earth’s atmosphere everything is shaking, noisy and seemingly at breaking point as you try to reach the next milestone, the next goal.

But… when I feel like this, I remember THIS quote.

“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough” Mario Andretti.

Andretti, a Croatian now in his 80s, is one of only 3 drivers to win races across Formula One, IndyCar, the World Sportscar Championship, and NASCAR. In short, the geezer is a legend. But it just goes to show the mindset it takes to win and win across various platforms. It really is the same in entrepreneurship.

I’ll be honest there are so many people that get into this game looking for stability, tidiness and (one of the biggest, most bullshit buzzwords in the business and self development space of the last 5 years or so) “BALANCE”?!

The biggest lesson I can draw from Andretti’s quote? The minute I feel comfortable, the minute everything is ticking along nicely, is the minute I realise I am not growing personally, and as a business there is probably a competitor somewhere stealing a march on our ground. Comfort is the biggest dream killer there is.

Embrace the feelings of trepidation, that feeling of a lack of control over the outcome. Too many people in 2023 think that these things being present in their life is instantly a BAD THING, and that’s where the opportunity comes, if you’re someone that can embrace it, or learn to.

We ain’t here for a long time, if you want to create BIG IMPACT you have to live with urgency. Make decisions more quickly, act faster, and grow more rapidly.

Nothing is linear, nothing is smooth, growth isn’t a straight line.

Let that feeling of discomfort be (perversely) your comfort blanket. If it’s present, you can be safe in the knowledge you are growing, and so is your business.

Feel like this for long enough and one day you will look down and see how far you’ve climbed.

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