Struggle With Motivation? Then Follow My G.A.M.E – #0026

Many years ago, I, like a lot of people in their younger years incorrectly thought that motivation was something you caught. Back then I wasn’t involved in creating and building companies, it was course work at Uni, or exam revision. I thought “being up for it” was an exterior set of circumstances, or the stars in my life aligning, creating the perfect scenario for me to feel focussed and ready to produce.

My Own Tool, Shared With You

After years of blaming the outside world for not being able to get going, not being able to focus, I realised how wrong I was. Below is my exact process (G.A.M.E) I use to ensure that I create my own flow, from own motivation. It’s a tool that has served me very well over the past decade and helped build our company to £100m+. Let me share it with you.

We’ve all had those days as Founders, Entrepreneurs and Business Operators when EVERYTHING just falls into place. Everything you touch turns to gold, the words flow, the actions are habitual, the growth occurs, and, you even have fun doing it. The issue is those days are few and far between. If I only ever worked when I was motivated, I would probably give up by 11am most days. That’s the brutal truth.

Here You Go

So, how do I combat this? I understand the process to the “flow state” starts with me, not the outside world. I remember my process. G.A.M.E I know that in order to execute effortlessly I must first go through some tough steps. Here are they are.


  1. Grit – The first step is preparing to start irrespective of how you might feel, or any exterior factors. Grit is defined as “perseverance and passion for long term goals” by physiologist Angela Duckworth, look her up, she knows her shit. By concentrating on the long-term benefit of your action you will grit out the start. If you concentrate on how you feel today, you’ll start tomorrow, because, well you know, the boilers broken.
  2. Action – Step 1 is deciding to start irrespective of how you feel. Step 2 is starting the action. Putting pen to paper or beginning your run, whatever you’ve been putting off because you don’t feel motivated. Your mind uses grit to get you on motion. Step 2, is that motion.
  3. Motivation – Contrary to popular belief motivation isn’t what gets you started; it comes later. Depending on the task at hand, within a relatively short time span, you will have shed the feeling of procrastination. You will start to feel an early sense of accomplishment, of progress. Your mind is engaged, and you are seeing results, maybe even a pathway to the end of the task. Guess what this brings? Motivation.
  4. Effortless Execution – You are doing the “thing”, you feel good, you feel motivated. Why was I putting this off? You might even (say it quietly) be enjoying the task, and the feeling of completing it. You have reached flow state, you have the momentum. You are now executing on the task and ones yet to come effortlessly.


The beautiful thing is, who has been responsible in the process for building the momentum required? You. Once you realise YOU are responsible for building your own motivation (and no-one can stop that) and you have an awareness that there are some uncomfortable steps before this occurs, then you become pretty dangerous. You will be capable of achieving anything irrespective of how you feel. You will have mastered the G.A.M.E

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