The Importance of Sticking With Your Strategy #0009

When we first set up our business in 2011, we looked to well known companies that were years ahead us for inspiration. They say you shouldn’t compare, and in a sense, I agree, unless comparison is there with good intent and used for positive impetus. We looked around and found businesses in our niche that were established. 40-50 people companies that were really making waves in their market. Being just 2 and then 4 people in a small room, this provided us with motivation and all the “look what’s possible” we needed.

Chopping & Changing Strategy

12 years on, we are at 100+ people and 9 figures in annual sales. Whilst some of those businesses we first looked to have grown, some are still the same size they were over a decade ago. Why? There could be many reasons, but in the case of at least 2 of them, I have watched closely over the years as they have chopped and changed strategy, entered new markets before exiting again a year or two later. New brands, rebrands, new locations…and then back to the original.


From all of the social media business trends there have been since 2020, I personally think the buzzword “pivot” is the most annoying. The most annoying, and maybe even the most dangerous.
Pivot doesn’t suggest tweaks, improvements, and positive change…it actually suggest 180 turns, and normalises doing it fairly often. I couldn’t disagree more with this totally counter-productive business strategy.

Simple, Not Easy

A lot of people try and overcomplicate business. In its rawest form, it can be a very simple process, its just not easy. Simple and easy are often confused. What separates businesses that scale beyond 7 or even 8 figures and ones that seems to plateau for many years? Often this isn’t the team, the branding, the customer base, it can be as simple as “sticking with it”.
You need to understand it takes time to gain traction even in a market where you are an expert. If you have changed course every 6 months and have a 5-year-old business. Have you been in business for 5 years, or do you have a long list of 10 companies that effectively died on month 6?

Back Yourself

It’s temping to go left or right when the road straight ahead has been a tough one up to now. But…back yourself, your original strategy probably isn’t too far from the path you need to be on. Always look to improve, always look to tweak and systemise the bottle necks. Completely changing course will mean starting again and will result in staying small for longer.
Amazing things happen on the other side of resilience.

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