Unwrap Your Potential This December: My Personal 10 Step Process for Vision & Goal Creation! – #0024

I’m excited for your 2024, your best ever year starts here and now!

As promised in my last email to you all, here is MY 10-step annual process to ensure the next 12 months is one of big growth both in my business and my life. I hope you find value in all or part of it. My Business Lesson this week is slightly longer than usual, but some will find this absolute gold, so please bear with me. I’m also keen to hear back from you about any methods you use for vision creation and goal setting. Just hit REPLY and let me know how you set and achieve your goals.

A Framework to Live By

Although I usually beat myself up that I haven’t done enough, when I look back from where I started to where I am now, I think even the most sceptical person of living to this particular framework would agree, it’s been pretty effective. It’s helped grow our business into a 100m operation from a standing start; it’s ensured my relationship with those closest to me has remained very tight and also meant that any material items (if that’s your thing) have made it from my screen saver onto my driveway.

Here is the process that I have used and developed over the past 20 years of setting goals. I start with a vision (in fact 2). Big point; goals are nothing without a vision sat above it, and a vision is nothing without goals attached. You have to have both to make real progress.


Step 1 – Vision A: 5 Years

I work to 2 visions, one that is usually 5 years away. I write my vision in the present tense, and very detailed, it’s usually so big and so audacious that if you read it to someone, they would probably roll their eyes and laugh. I really believe that you need a huge, almost ridiculous vision, a north star pulling you in the direction you have intended for your life to go. I am working on a free e-book for you all on the importance and the method to which you should write a vision, there is a science behind it. Reading it should make the hairs on your neck stand up…and you should read it every week.


Step 2 – Vision B: 12 Months

If Vision A is your huge north star desired outcome for your life and business, Vision B is the chapter 1 or step 1 of 5 steps (years) that will put you on the path to hitting your big 5-year vision. Again, write this in the present tense. Where will you be in 12 months if you were one fifth on your way to achieving Vision A.


Step 3 – Get Scribbling

I have a notes section on my phone that I start to scribble down ideas from probably June onwards in any given year. Random thoughts and ideas. As the ideas come to me, I get them down immediately. The best ideas about the direction of my life, or businesses I am involved in usually come when I’m driving, walking, on a treadmill or stacking the dishwasher. Get that idea down there and then, it’s a gift, leave it 10 minutes and it’s gone, maybe forever.


Step 4 – Get Specific

Around 6 weeks out from the start of the year, I get specific. I formulate my very specific goals for the following year that will help me hit vision B by next Christmas.​In come the stats, the numbers and the detail.


Step 5 – Identify Time & Environment to Set Goals

I usually do the specific work of taking my scribbles and ideas and formulate the goals when I travel. As my mind wanders elsewhere, I find it very difficult to do this at home with the kids running round, or indeed in the office. Trains and planes are my goal setting bubble where no one can interrupt my flow.​ Everyone is different, so choose your environment wisely, it takes deep concentration to execute on this well.


Step 6 – Get Organised

I split my goals into 3 categories, Health (all your fitness and wellbeing goals), Wealth (your business, finances, job if you have one) and Self (family, friends, any home improvements, holidays and events).​


Step 7 – Habits v One Offs

Next, I separate which goals are habits and which goals are one offs. For example, going to the gym 170 times in 2024 is a habit. Taking my Mum away for the weekend is a one off. I then schedule time in my calendar for the following year for all of the one offs before the year has even started, to ensure time doesn’t run away from me. The habits are actions for most days and weeks and hence I don’t schedule in advance.


Step 8 – Track, Track, Track

I have developed a spreadsheet tracker for every goal I have. The habits have one tab, the ones off have another. I really recommend you do the same.​


Step 9 – Progressing Through The Years

As you grow older and enter different chapters of your life, the goals change and that’s OK, but each goal and each intended action should only serve to ensure you reach your intended destination. Focus on making Vision B a total reality by next Christmas. Head down and focussed every day on your Vision B. Each year (or step that passes) replace a slightly bigger Vision B than the year before. As you approach years 3 and 4, your huge Vision A should start to appear on the horizon.


Step 10 – And Finally! 

As per my Business Lesson from last time, I write down the top 3 things that will STOP me from achieving my goals and I work on a plan to remove or reduce those things in my life.​


The last few years haven’t been easy for anyone, so let’s make 2024 your best year to date!

Let’s win, together!

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