Welcome to Planet Capitalism #0007

Welcome to Planet Capitalism. Where most species don’t want you to win.

You’ve finally set up the business that you’ve been boring your family about for 3 Christmas Days straight. You get your logo back from the designer, all excited you share it to your mates’ Whatsapp group, its thumbs up and “well dones” everywhere. You get 400 likes on Instagram with your Oscars acceptance speech announcing the launch of your business. Up to now its all been “amazing”, fluffy cupcakes and rainbows from your nearest and dearest. You have a launch party, and before the balloons have come down off the ceiling, you stumble across a type of “being” you haven’t encountered yet on your short journey….someone that wants you to see you fail.

Strange New Planet

You see outside of your little support bubble of people willing you on, there are 8 billion others that will determine the success or failure of your business, and guess what….not all of them want to see you win. Welcome to the real world. A world wrapped in ego, money, jealousy and competition. As you slowly land your new business on this strange new planet, you look out of the window and don’t see many welcoming faces. You see, its not the comfort of your family kitchen, or your supportive friend’s living room where your business has to trade. It has to survive and one day thrive somewhere completely different. This planet isn’t inherently bad or evil and some relish being here, but others, often new arrivals can find it cold, dark with the oxygen very thin. Welcome to planet Capitalism.
This can be a very strange new planet for the cookie business, yoga studio or (even!) a multi-national corporation to try and compete. I want you to have your eyes wide open before you launch your rocket to this place.
Let me introduce you to aliens that walk this world, the people that could be making it their mission to ensure you fail.


We’ll start with the obvious ones. We live in a Capitalist environment. Like it or not you are in a competition. Natural selection. Survival of the fittest. Unless you have invented something that has literally never been invented before, you are going to have competitors. By definition they will have been doing it longer, have made all the mistakes you’re about to make, and they are financially motivated to see your new start up fail, and fail quickly. That’s not to say its not a challenge to take on, of course not, but please be aware, they are out to stamp on your flame before it ignites.

Your Current Employer

You maybe leaving your current employer to set up a similar company elsewhere. You may be working in Tesco for a boss who’s 20 years older than you, and you are setting something up from a whole new market. Either way, sometimes these people will wish you luck and mean it, but realistically, deep down, they are hoping it flops. God forbid you light a path for others they employ to do the same, right? What are they saying about you to the guys that are left behind. Ive experienced this first hand. It doesn’t take a genius to work it out.

The Government

I’m not claiming its in the Government’s interest to stamp out new enterprise. But, please don’t think for one minute you can rely on them for any support whatsoever. I’m not focussing on one party here more than the other. Since 2007 the country has been mismanaged, and in that time all 3 major parties have been in power (of some kind) if you consider the coalition of 2010. If they aren’t fucking with taxes, chopping and changing the PM, and outright lying to us, they are bringing in legislation to make things harder and more complicated. SMEs are the lifeblood of this country and yet whilst huge companies get away with paying pennies on the pound in taxes owed, it’s the SME Founders, Owners and Operators that always seem to foot the bill.
So…everything you achieve, everything you build will be in spite of the Government and not because of it. Know that.

What to do?

When you start your new venture, your natural stance as a new entrepreneur and founder should be one of aggression. Even the most socially beneficial, “do good” for the community type businesses will face stiff competition. So, front foot forward, up the aggression, suit up and be prepared for blast off with your eyes wide open.

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