Yes Man! Saying ‘Yes’ in a ‘No’-Focused World – #0030

If you land on any “success guru” socials at the moment, the chances are they have posted something recently about the “power of saying no”. Like many things on Tikok and Insta, there are trends in success based content. 2023 and 2024 so far seems to be about saying “no”. We’ve all seen the content, many times over. “No is a complete sentence”, “my mask will be on first” among other variations which may or may not include profanities to really drive the likes, comments and shares.

13 Years In Business

In a way, I agree with the sentiment, let’s face it, the quickest win in time management is simply not agreeing to something in the first place. But, I have the luxury now of 13 long hard years in business operation and entrepreneurship. These days, I wouldn’t be serving our 100+ team or my young family at home for that matter if I didn’t politely decline meetings, events and invitations that meant my time was focussed on things that weren’t in their best interests. And in there lies the danger for the early year entrepreneurs following my more seasoned example of saying no to more things than I used to.

50/50 Opportunities

You see it’s not always been this way. When I was in my mid 20s and our business was just 2 people, then 4, how many opportunities or invitations to things do you think I turned down? Not many. Where would I be if I said “no” more than “yes” a decade ago? No where near where I am now. Saying yes to an event or a project that you aren’t 100% sure on is absolutely key when developing your service, product and building your network. You never know what will come of saying yes to opportunities that at best look 50/50 to start with.
Are the entrepreneur influencers and coaches wrong for suggesting you need to protect your most valuable resource, your time? Of course not. BUT…please remember its easy for someone to preach the art of saying no to people when they ask their Executive Assistant to do so on their behalf, whilst they sit in their multi-million house.

Key Action

On the way up, my guess is there were many more yeses than otherwise! They simply weren’t posting this back in 2013! If you want to start or scale your business and the grow the life that goes with it, remember to emulate the early growth behaviours of the successful people you follow, not what they preach once they’ve “made it”.

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